Proxemic Cursor Interactions for Touchless Widget Control


Touchless gesture interfaces often use cursor-based interactions, where widgets are targeted by a movable cursor and activated with a mid-air gesture (e.g., push or Pinch). Continuous interactions like slider manipulation can be challenging in mid-air because users need to precisely target widgets and then maintain an `activated’ state whilst moving the cursor. We investigated proxemic cursor interactions as a novel alternative, where cursor proximity allows users to acquire and keep control of user interface widgets without precisely targeting them. Users took advantage of proxemic targeting, though gravitated towards widgets when negotiating the boundaries between multiple elements. This allowed users to gain control more quickly than with non-proxemic behaviour, and made it easier to move between user interface elements. We find that proxemic cursor interactions can improve the usability of touchless user interfaces, especially for slider interactions, paving the way to more comfortable and efficient use of touchless displays.

2023 ACM Symposium on Spatial User Interaction
Kieran Waugh
Kieran Waugh
PhD Student in Human-Computer Interaction

PhD Student at the University of Glasgow within the Glasgow Interactive Systems Section.